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The shareholders are important farmers and also from other sectors. The farming and agribusiness activities they carry out mainly on their own land in the Colchagua valley, having joined together with the intention of adding value to the production of their European prunes, which with a strict technical handling are delivered to Goodvalley to be dried, processed and commercialization.


Juan Eduardo Ibáñez W.

Chairman of the Board

Lawyer from the Catholic University Chile. Has extensive professional and business experience, which he has carried out for decades in various sectors, having also entered into farming and agribusiness activities on his own land in the Colchagua valley where he has large orchards of European prunes.


Juan Eduardo Ibáñez B.

Board Member

Juan Eduardo holds an MBA from Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and is a commercial engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Alfonso Díaz

Board Member

Is a commercial engineer from the Catholic University Chile and who led the team he was in charge of when setting up the Goodvalley business in 2009, having been designated as their first general manager up until 2011. He has held a variety of front line positions in various companies and currently he is also general manager of Chilexpress, the country’s main courier, messenger and logistics Company.


Jaime Crespo L.

Board Member

Has wide experience in farming activities and agribusiness, activities which he has carried out with particular skill during all of his professional life linked with his land in the Colchagua valley. For some years he has been president of the National Society of Agriculture, SNA, which he has been connected with for decades he is also a member of the executive committee of the Federation of Production and Trade, CPC, which is the most important trade organization in the country.

Main Executives


Bruno Ceroni

Commercial Manager

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Alvaro Barros

Deputy CEO

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Christian Miranda

Operations Manager

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Nicolás Tobar

Assistant Manager Logistics and Systems

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Felipe Catalán

Head of Foreign Trade

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Foto Grace

Grace Díaz

Foreign Trade

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Juan Manuel Vicuña

Export Manager

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