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Goodvalley was born in 2009 in the Colchagua valley, when three experienced farmers and growers of European prunes join together and set up a processing plant for the more than 250 hectares of their own prunes.
In the same year the prune and raisin drying plant is built which has 30 latest generation Californian style gas ovens, which enables uniform drying and which produces prunes and golden raisins with an even humidity and which are clean and with a good colour. Also a large warehouse was built for the calibration and storage of the dried prunes.
In 2013 a modern and efficient plant was built for the tenderizing and pitting processes and also the packaging of the products all with the latest generation machinery and process lines.
Goodvalley is totally integrated, producing, processing and exporting more than 4,000 tons of dried prunes and Golden raisins to 25 countries, supplying products of the finest quality, with complete traceability throughout the process and an excellent customer service.

The shareholders are important farmers and also from other sectors. The farming and agribusiness activities they carry out mainly on their own land in the Colchagua valley, having joined together with the intention of adding value to the production of their European prunes, which with a strict technical handling are delivered to Goodvalley to be dried, processed and commercialization.


We are proud to be members of ChilePrunes, the Chilean Association of Processors and Exporters of Dried Plums (Prunes), which brings together the main processors and exporters of this fruit in the country.
ChilePrunes is also an active member of the IPA – International Prune Association – and is a member of its board and marketing committee.
Goodvalley is also a partner of the BDP – Business Development Platform – which is a branch of the SNA – National Agricultural Society – and has commercial offices in Russia and Southeast Asia (ASEAN).
Since 2018 we are also members of the INC, The International Nuts & Dried Fruits Council

5,000 tons per year of fruit exported to more than 25 countries worldwide


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