November 4, 2022 Grace Diaz

Goodvalley was at the SIAL 2022 Paris Fair

A positive experience was lived at the last SIAL Paris 2022 fair, in which GoodValley was one of its participants and exhibitors. The company’s representatives at the international exhibition defined this instance as a “good way to reconnect with our clients, who visited us and were with them planning future negotiations.”

One of the topics addressed at SIAL Paris 2022 is the reality of the world scenario we are currently in. At this point, the conclusion was reached that although inflation has increased, the Russia-Ukraine war has generated uncertainty and slower consumption in Europe is observed, there is a low international supply that has made the market project stable by price and consumption by 2023, specifically in the plum market.

In addition, they add that “we all agree that the production of walnuts and almonds comes in a normal volume, which provides peace of mind for market projection.” In walnuts, the world supply is very high, the demand is stable but it is not enough, so the market is contracting and prices are falling, however, everything will become clearer in March-April 2023 at the beginning of the season.

To conclude, Goodvalley highlighted the union with ProChile and the Chilean embassy in France, however, Chile lost space a few years ago and through the national organization and the different participating unions, it is seeking that the national offer is once again unified in a Hall.