June 9, 2023 Grace Diaz

Opportunities for Chilean exporters in India

The meeting, which brings together more than 200 exporters with importers from different parts of the world, explored new fields of action and trends in the main destination markets, among which India stands out, protagonist of the next public-private trip between ProChile and SOFOFA, and which will have the participation of ASOEX, as the leading guild of fresh fruit exporters in the country.

With explosive growth and an emerging average society that seeks new experiences and products with high added value, India has managed to arouse the interest of Chile to make it a strategic ally that allows us to insert our exportable offer in South Asia.

In 2022, Chilean agrifood shipments to this destination totaled US$133 million, a figure that so far in 2023 (January-April) already reaches US$21 million. Among the products that stand out, we can mention fresh apples, fresh kiwis and nuts, while some such as dehydrated plums begin to gain ground, opening the door for other products to also enter.

The world of opportunities that India presents for Chile marked the inauguration of Enexpro Alimentos ProChile 2023 – the first face-to-face edition since 2019 – where more than 20 importers from various destinations such as South Korea, the United States, Brazil and of course India, traveled to our country to meet with more than 200 exporters who participated in the business roundtables on June 6 and 7.

The inaugural plenary that gave way to nearly 500 business meetings, was attended by the Director General of ProChile, Ignacio Fernández and the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ignacia Fernández, as well as a panel of experts who analyzed the current situation of Chilean food exports and the new opportunities that arise to diversify our destination markets.

The discussion was attended by Marcela Zúñiga, Commercial Director of ProChile in New Delhi, India; Claudio Cilveti, president of the Food Export Council; Gonzalo Salinas, Senior Fresh Fruit Sector Analyst at Rabo Research, and Pablo Zamora, Executive President of Fundación Chile and co-founder of The Not Company, focused on exploring the Indian market landscape and the global situation for Chilean exports.

It is highlighted that, during the conversation panel, Cliveti highlighted the importance for the Food Export Council, which brings together more than 11 unions, the generation of a solid Country Image, and that really represents those characteristics that distinguish Chile, and after which the efforts that the different export sectors of the country make in international markets can be aligned.

For her part, the director of ProChile in New Delhi stressed the importance of betting on India and committing to the market to achieve the loyalty of the local population, “India is a challenge. It needs to be studied, explored and that our exporters create ties with their importers to grow and establish themselves in the market. Today local consumers are demanding products with high added value, which are healthy, this considering the ravages left by the covid-19 pandemic and the high rate of diabetes that affects the population”. In addition, he added “the invitation is to travel to the market, get to know it and rely on the two commercial offices that ProChile has in both New Delhi and Mumbai.”

The Gaze of Fruit Exporters

“These types of meetings are valuable for our sector, because in these meetings business tables are held, where our fruit producers and exporters can meet with importers and buyers, visualizing opportunities and establishing agreements,” said Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX.

Marambio added, “we will participate together with ProChile and Sofofa in the mission to India, a market where we seek to prospect better opportunities for our fresh fruits, as well as visualize how we can improve the logistics chain to enhance a greater volume to this destination. India is an important market for fruit exports. In fact, it is the third destination market for our fruits in Asia, and where, for example, our kiwis have had a very good reception, especially during the pandemic. It is a fruit that is strongly associated with better health, even as a defense against Dengue. In this mission, we will look for better opportunities also for other fruits, such as cherries, whose volume sent to India is still small, so the focus is on how to grow.”

The president of ASOEX noted that during the 2021-2022 season, Chile sent 51,433 tons of fresh fruits to India. “68% of these shipments are apples, and 28% kiwis,” he said.


During the inaugural event, the general director of ProChile, Ignacio Fernández, emphasized the innovation presented by the food sector, in addition to the great Chilean offer that seeks to diversify destination markets. “Food is one of the most dynamic sectors of the national economy, whose contribution to GDP is estimated at around 4.7%, contributing more than 570,000 direct jobs.” In addition, he highlighted the performance of shipments during the past year, “in 2022 agricultural exports reached US $ 20,661 million, one of the highest figures since 2020, concentrating 43.9% of the total value of shipments of non-copper goods. ”

For her part, the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ignacia Fernández, remarked during the inaugural plenary of Enexpro 2023, that the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to strengthening exports in strategic markets, highlighting that a few days ago “the Sovereignty Strategy for Food Security was announced, through which we propose measures to ensure households a healthier diet and improve the opportunities that producers and producers and producers have to increase their productivity.” We want to link them with larger production chains, which can be part of the marketing circuits and join in better conditions to the spaces that the market offers and, without a doubt, meetings like this allow it, “he stressed.

Among the prioritized sectors, fresh fruit, nuts and dehydrated fruits, wines and agribusiness are contemplated, an offer that was linked to the invited importers of Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, India, the United States, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Brazil.

Finally, it is highlighted that in addition to Chilean exporters and unions, as well as importers, Commercial Directors from the offices of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany; New York, United States; New Delhi, India, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Source: Opportunities for Chilean exporters in India marks the start of Enexpro Alimentos de ProChile – Simfruit