September 22, 2022 Grace Diaz

Goodvalley trade tour to India, Morocco and Turkey

The commercial tour to India, Morocco and Turkey has been described as “a great growth opportunity for our company” by the members of Goodvalley themselves.

Getting to know, expanding the market and strengthening commercial ties through meetings and visits trade fairs and exhibitions were some of the results of this trip. In general, the commercial tour to India, Morocco and Turkey has been a very good experience, with excellent reception from the hosts.

This international tour of Goodvalley was born with the idea of getting all the commercial and technical information to create opportunities to open new markets. We are in a global context where the market is affected by world volumes, something that could be seen live when we saw the fruit exported to these destinations.

Importers comment that they prefer to lose 10% because the market “went to the ground”.

In the case of Goodvalley, being on this tour, the members of the company were able to live this experience in situ, “we were in the place where the product was received and had to negotiate directly,” they said.

However, despite the context of the international market, the accounts have been positive for Goodvalley. Getting to know closely the trajectory and strength of our customers allowed us to strengthen our commercial and human ties. We were able to know firsthand what are the requirements of those who wish to import fruit, what they expect from it, which helps to improve Goodvalley’s selection process. In addition, the tour was at the right time to understand how the walnut market was developing in those countries; the plum and raisin market was also probed, creating very good expectations.

The Serr walnut variety has a great opportunity in Morocco. In Chile it can be achieved with good irrigation to obtain the product they need. Morocco has enough demand for dried plums, although they are producers in their country, currently their production is down, so they are beginning to buy abroad, which opens great opportunities for Goodvalley.

Turkey is a producer and processor of all the world’s dried fruits. They have a large production of dried fruits and nuts of their own. Formerly known as the “Silk Road”, they process and export to many markets. They are an excellent platform to take our products to neighboring countries to which Chile does not have access, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and others.

India is a gigantic market that continues to grow day by day. It is one of the main importers of Chilean It is one of the main importers of Chilean walnuts. On the other hand, it was found that Chilean dehydrated plums were available in supermarkets. In this country the walnut is the spearhead, recognized by its flavor, color and size, has opened the doors to other national dehydrated and dried fruits. Today, in percentage terms, India represents 50% of our walnut exports, 30% Turkey and 20% Morocco. Thanks to this, Goodvalley has extended its commercial ties to be able to sell other products.

SIAL France Fair
Goodvalley will be part of an important international fair: SIAL PARIS, a world showcase of the agri-food sector that brings together all professionals, producers, distributors, buyers of the great offers and reveals the trends and innovations that will shape the agri-food industry of tomorrow.

Exhibiting at SIAL Paris allows to establish relationships with buyers, importers and distributors of the main food and beverage purchasing channels in Europe and the rest of the world. The event will be held from October 15 to 19.